[j-drama] Otomen 01

I usually don’t follow J-dramas, mainly because I feel like I’d have a hard time keeping up with them. However, after hearing that Otomen was getting a drama adaptation, I couldn’t skip this one. Do I really need to explain why? *points at blog’s title*

Otomen is the story of Masamune Asuka, a male high school student who’s the captain of the kendo club and is seen by everybody as the perfect example of a manly guy. However, he has a secret: ever since he was a kid he’s taken an interest in the stuff generally only girls like.


One day, though, his father decides to tell both Asuka and his mother the truth about how he’s always wanted to become a woman. Asuka’s mom is so shocked to hear about this that she almost dies from a heart attack. ^^; Ever since then, his mother has forbidden him from having any kinds of habits that wouldn’t be considered appropiate for a boy, just so that he doesn’t end up  following the same steps as his father in the future.

Nevertheless, Asuka hasn’t dropped his girly customs yet. And now that he’s fallen in love with transfer student Ryou Miyakozuka, his not-so-manly side has started coming to light much more often.

otomen1bAsuka and Ryo.

Those two really make a good couple. I really like both of them! Asuka is such a loveable character, and while Ryo may be a bit of an airhead sometimes, at least she can kick ass. 😈 Other recurring characters include Tachibana (who is one of the first few people to discover Asuka’s secret and soon becomes best friends with him and Ryo), Ariake (who idolizes Masamune and calls him ‘sensei’) and Tounomine (Asuka’s rival in kendo).


I’ve greatly enjoyed what I’ve been able to read of the Otomen manga so far, so this should be fun to watch. I know they probably won’t follow the source material as closely as they could with, say, an anime adaptation, but it’s not such a big deal. As long as they keep the charm of the main characters, I think everything will be fine.

2 responses

  1. reraglove

    I like this series! Otomen <3~~

    September 22, 2009 at 12:43 am

  2. Which means the other 50% end in death. ,

    October 10, 2009 at 12:15 pm

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