Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode II-I


This episode marks the beginning of a completely new arc in Umineko, and I like how they switched the protrait in the OP sequence to reflect this. In my opinion, this second novel in the series is when Umineko really starts to shine. I’m not saying the first arc was bad or anything like that, but things get a lot more interesting and complicated this time around.


This week’s episode focused on the pairings of GeorgexShannon and JessicaxKanon.

Shannon regrets that, despite her being ‘furniture’, she was born with a human heart and thus has developed feelings for George. Beatrice decides to take advantage of this and materializes herself in front of Shannon, then she offers to use her magic to help her with her romantic relationship as long as she fulfills a certain request: breaking a mirror inside the shrine on a reef at Rokkenjima that’s weakening the witch’s magical powers.

On the other hand, Kanon is unable to reciprocate Jessica’s feelings towards him because he isn’t able to think of himself as a ‘human’ boy. He also thinks the witch has tricked Shannon and that her relationship with George won’t last for long, since human and furniture aren’t allowed to fall in love.


And that’s basically it. Umineko’s love stories may not be complex at all, but I still find them pretty cute. Aside from these pairings, Shannon’s friendship with Beatrice stands out as well (well, for me it did anyways). I remember the tea party at the beach was one of my favorite light-hearted game scenes from EPII.


As expected, Beatrice’s voice fits her perfectly. Her design looked much better this time as well. Her small eyes and her long neck from last week made her seem much more mature than how she’s supposed to look.


Also, I’m not surprised at all they didn’t keep Tsurupettan during Jessie’s concert at the school festival. The character song they used instead wasn’t really that good, though. But hey, at least it had Jessica’s actual VA singing it.


Oh, and if you thought Beatrice was a good witch, in the end she reveals that she’s doing all of this just so she could see how their relationships eventually fail and watch them suffer eternally for it.

I remember in the VN I totally went from hating Beatrice, to liking her (for helping out Shannon and all), to disliking her once again after reading this scene. Oh well.


However, if there was someone even more evil than the witch herself this week, it had to be Eva. She obviously would never let her precious son marry a lowly servant such as Shannon. Too bad Hideyoshi wasn’t around to stop her from being a complete ***** this time. 😦

One response

  1. Damn it…to have such relationships and broken at the end…T_T

    August 8, 2009 at 12:06 am

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