Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode II-II

Episode II-II: Early queen move.


So in case you haven’t realized it before, the time resets in Umineko work the same way as in Higurashi, in the sense that different stuff happens each time even though everything occurs during the same span of days. Also, just as a clarification, the Beatrice and Battler who show up when time stops and everything turns gray are the same ones from the first arc’s tea party.


Rosa’s child abuse is back, and this time with 2x more violence. Those who dislike Maria’s constant “Uu Uu”-ing were most likely cheering Rosa during this scene, but I actually like her character so it kinda saddens me to see her being treated like this. ^^;


The main event this week is definitely the appearance of the Beatrice in ‘casual clothes’ during the family conference. Some VN players refer to her as human Beatrice or even Impostrice since they think she might be a different person from the Beatrice who normally shows up wearing a dress.




This Beatrice takes Maria’s Halloween candy, which Rosa previously crushed with her heels in a fit of rage, and fixes it using her magic. I believe this is one of the earliest instances in the story where Beatrice shows off her supernatural powers to a human. If you’re on Battler’s side and want to explain this from an anti-fantasy perspective, you can easily say she replaced the candy with a new one while Maria had her eyes closed or something. However, there’s still the fact that Rosa saw how the candy ‘turned into golden butterflies and then returned to its original form’ with her own eyes.


Kyrie also meets with this special guest Beatrice and quickly notices her resemblance to the girl in the painting, but in the anime they don’t really exchange any dialogue. She later brings the topic of a 19th visitor during dinner, which just ends up adding more fuel to the siblings’ discussion about Kinzo’s inheritance.


We also get to see the servants interact once more with Beatrice. Poor Kanon is even forced to kiss Beatrice’s shoes thinking she might give both him and Shannon a chance to enter the Golden Land (and thus they wouldn’t be chosen as sacrifices for the ceremony). However, Shannon still had to do her part by not accepting the ring she’d receive from George that night (I forgot if this was even mentioned in the episode but whatever *brainfart*).


Nonetheless, Shannon decides to stand up against the Witch and tells her she won’t be an object of her pranks anymore. This is quite a contrast to how they were having fun drinking tea together in the previous episode. 😦



The marriage proposal scene felt much more romantic this time. I liked how Shannon didn’t even hesitate to give George her answer and immediately placed the ring on her finger. They also used a nice arranged version of the moon BGM from the game which made things even cuter.



Lastly, the episode ends with the chapel scene where the adults acknowledge the existence of the Witch. You may want to take into account that all of the siblings were present during this scene. If you manage to remember that by next week’s episode, you’ll be in for a nice surprise. 😀

One response

  1. I did wonder if the characters convinced of Beatrice’s authenticity in the chapel would end up being the six sacrifices, but there were seven of them. :/

    (Waits for the next episode for the surprise …)

    August 15, 2009 at 7:07 am

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