[review] Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru EP6 *SPOILERS!*

WARNING: Major spoilers for EP6 of the visual novel, which is currently untranslated!

Well, it’s been a while since I posted something in my blog, so I figured I’d write a review of EP6 which I just played recently. I remember I started blogging the anime a while ago, but after a few episodes in I sorta quit because I had gotten pissed off with both the fanbase and the quality of the adaptation. But let’s not talk about the anime, shall we! This post is about the sound novel after all.

Dawn of the Golden Witch focuses on Battler as the new GM for Beato’s game, as well as the relationships of George/Shannon and Jessica/Kanon. Unlike EP2 which also put great focus on the these pairings, this time Ryuukishi took an slightly more serious and ‘cruel’ approach to their love stories. Ange also makes a comeback as the shrine maiden who reads the story of EP6 to a new fantasy character called Featherine.

So, where to start? I admit I was a bit disappointed with the way the young couples got portrayed in this episode. I expected this to be all cute and innocent just like in Turn of the Golden witch, so it was quite a shock when the trial started and George & co. began carrying out the first twilight. Also, the whole “only one of us can fulfill their dream of love” between Shannon and Kanon was pretty depressing, mainly because it extremely hinted at Shkannontrice being true, which is a theory I’m not quite fond of.

As for the rest of EP6, I actually liked the stuff with the two Beatos, and Battler’s logic error was an interesting conflict for the episode. This game also had a rather happy ending, so it was a very nice change from the previous games’ troll finales. However, I gotta admit I wasn’t too satisfied with Ange’s role here. All of a sudden, she’s brought back, makes a short commentary here and there, only to be tossed away once more in the end. Poor girl.

New characters this time include the witch Featherine/Hachijou, who doesn’t do that much other than share her thoughts with Ange but she might take an even more active role in EP7, and the love demon duo Zepar and Furfur, who were pretty entertaining characters overall.

Of course, most of the old cast is back, with Erika maintaining her role as the current antagonist of the game. Just when you think Ryuukishi is gonna make you feel sorry for her and it looks like she might actually redeem herself,  she goes and do stuff like destroying a certain child’s fantasy… and cutting people’s heads so there wouldn’t be any doubt as to whether they are dead or not, while she knows they’re actually alive and just pretending to have been murdered.

…Yeah, I’m serious. It’s true. Erika’s a horrible, horrible human being.

Anyway, as far as mistery goes, we don’t get that many answers this time around either, but we’re still given a few hints. First, the 1st twilight victims were all playing dead just like in EP5, so I think they might be trying to hint at something with this. Second, there’s a flashback where it shows Beato talking with Battler on the island, so he might have met her before after all. Then, there’s the whole Shkannontrice thing that’s implied through the whole episode, and with “Including Erika, there are only 17 people.” in red, I’m not sure what to think anymore.

My favorite part of this episode has to be the music. I was kinda disappointed with EP5’s BGMs since most of them were pretty techno-ish and they didn’t have enough stuff from dai, so I’m glad there’s a bit more variety this time around. Some of favorite tracks include Alive, My dear, Life and both ED themes.

Overall, I wouldn’t say Dawn of the golden Witch manages to surpass any of my previous favorite episodes from the series. In terms of music, yeah I’d rank it pretty highly but that’s it. Most of my complaints probably come from the fact that some parts tend to drag out a bit too much. It’s especially annoying when you can already predict what’s going to happen after a certain scene, so you just have to sit there until they finally show the outcome. Battler’s attitude towards Beatrice at the beginning was also sorta upsetting at first, and it seems to have annoyed a few other readers as well, but everything got resolved in the end so I personally don’t care anymore.

Don’t worry though, I’m not saying this was a bad episode at all. Just like every other chapter in the series, I greatly enjoyed this one and I’m already looking forward to EP7 (even though it’ll be a while until it gets released).

2 responses

  1. rogue-san

    Yeah, the fanbase got kinda ugly after the anime came out (on both “sides”). And right now even the more intelligent theory builders are *very* fixated on the Shkanontrice theory (not even really trying to think of anything else) so right now I think I’m going to take a small break from those guys :/. Sigh.

    Probably one of my favorite episodes. Close to EP3, I’d say. But I think most of my enjoyment of EP6 can be equated to the fact that this is the only one I read without *any* prior spoilage. Well, the death of my single least favorite character also factors in a bit…along with the fact that I’m a big fan of the shipping that gets an early upgrade :3. No matter how cheesy that upgrade process was.

    Ah, and just a note on the “including Erika” thing. It’s been speculated even on the Japanese wiki that the そなたを迎えても in that red text refers to her (non-)status as a “welcomed guest” rather than her inclusion in the 17, so I’m hanging on to that thread at the moment. Heheh. But yeah, she could’ve arrived at the island dead, for example, and since we don’t have a marked reliable narrator there’s not much stopping that from being a possibility. (and even if that phrase *does* mean she’s included in the count her being dead from the start probably makes her inclusion in the count pointless)

    I agree – if Shkanontrice is the “answer” I’m going to have major problems liking the series as a whole :/. Bring on EP7 and its inevitable denial (?) :D!

    January 15, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    • EP3 is my favorite episode ever! 😀 But yeah, I mean I like the mystery and all, but the shipping also plays an important role in my enjoyment of the series. So if Shkanontrice turns out to be real, I gotta admit I’ll be very disappointed. =/

      I’m pretty sure there’s something fishy with that final red text. Erika was able to say she was the 18th guest in red after all, so yeah I’m not jumping into any kind of conclusions for the time being. Hopefully EP7 will manage to show a more satisfactory answer. 😛

      January 15, 2010 at 2:43 pm

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