Ookamikakushi was just “meh”.

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You know there’s something seriously wrong when you can’t even tell which genre is the show you just finished watching supposed to be.

I mean, you can’t even call this a mystery. There was nothing ever to solve. Everything you had to know was exposed redundantly in the first few episodes. “There were werewolves roaming around, Nemuru killed those who couldn’t hold it in, Sakaki was the evil guy, etc” and that was it. There was absolutely nothing beyond that. So maybe you could say it was a thriller or an action series, but that’d be stretching things a bit too much… and it’s not like the show did a great job being any of those either.

I know I can’t really judge the source material this anime is based on since I haven’t played the VN, but… eh, it probably wasn’t all that different. The Higurashi anime was good enough on its own. Umineko’s adaptation was mediocre, but at least you could easily tell it was just an unfortunate case of wasted potential. But this… I can’t really see how Ryuukishi’s writing style could have made it any better.

3 responses

  1. DS

    I think it was more of a spooky mood piece. It was never intended to be as complex as Higurashi.

    March 19, 2010 at 10:43 pm

  2. It’s a mistake many 07 fans make, think that Ookami is suppose to be a mystery. It’s not. Creepy mood-driven drama hits it pretty well.

    April 2, 2010 at 1:06 pm

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