Moyashimon drama is…

…outright awful. Seriously, these last few episodes have been particularly a mess. Everything feels like an exaggerated version of the jokes from the original series. I was facepalming so hard when they turned Kei into this manly jock dude. See, the whole point was that Kei was supposed to look androgynous from the beginning, so that’s why he was able to crossdress and all. But no, even if it doesn’t make any sense let’s just make him an aniki because the fact that Sawaki kissed a man (played by an actress) is just oh so funny (and that’s why we prolonged this joke over the course of two episodes). Also, it seemed as if they couldn’t decided whether to include Sawaki’s plot device about how he couldn’t see bacteria anymore this week or not, since every single time somebody brought it up they’d get interrupted by one of characters with another stupid gag. Sigh.

Oh well. I can’t really say I’m in the least bit surprised though, given how pretty much every manga-to-drama adaptation ends up following the same route (I’m looking at you, Otomen).

One response

  1. oh weaksauce lol
    I’m actually like 2-3 weeks behind on my dramas (I finally downloaded them on Monday) but what a bummer! I guess I”ll just marathon moyashimon after the series ends or something lol

    August 17, 2010 at 8:33 am

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