Angel Beats! ends.

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Well, the last few episodes didn’t make much sense, but reading people’s comments does explain some things. Still, the ending wasn’t all that emotional to me, and Kanade just isn’t main heroine material IMO. Speaking of Kanade, most of the time she felt like she was the animation staff’s puppet in the sense that her character changed depending on what they wanted to do with the show. When they needed an antagonist, they made her act all cool and mysterious. When they wanted to have an action filler episode, they made her create all these evil clones out of nowhere. When they wanted to have an emotional story surrounding her, they made her act all cute and innocent so the farewell scene had more impact on the viewer.

At least the OST was kinda good, so I might get it once it comes out. In other news, Kud Wafter just got released and, while I can’t comment much on Kud’s character since I just began playing Little Busters! and I haven’t finished any of the routes yet, watching the OP video convinces me this is nothing more than an excuse for loli porn so I’m not interested in the least bit. If anything, I just want to play the Rewrite demo that comes with it.


Ookamikakushi was just “meh”.

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You know there’s something seriously wrong when you can’t even tell which genre is the show you just finished watching supposed to be.

I mean, you can’t even call this a mystery. There was nothing ever to solve. Everything you had to know was exposed redundantly in the first few episodes. “There were werewolves roaming around, Nemuru killed those who couldn’t hold it in, Sakaki was the evil guy, etc” and that was it. There was absolutely nothing beyond that. So maybe you could say it was a thriller or an action series, but that’d be stretching things a bit too much… and it’s not like the show did a great job being any of those either.

I know I can’t really judge the source material this anime is based on since I haven’t played the VN, but… eh, it probably wasn’t all that different. The Higurashi anime was good enough on its own. Umineko’s adaptation was mediocre, but at least you could easily tell it was just an unfortunate case of wasted potential. But this… I can’t really see how Ryuukishi’s writing style could have made it any better.

Miracle Train 01

mt_2uho! ii otoko

So… according to the show itself, the Miracle Train is some kind of legendary train that only shows up to lost ladies and it’s filled with bishies that will “help you with your problems and put your mind at ease”. Now, all of this makes it sound kinda creepy so you can just think of it as some kind of magical host club for fujoshis in trouble. 😆


This show kinda reminds me of an otome game, except that instead of having a main heroine there’ll be like a different girl every episode (with focus on a different guy each time). That sort of kills the possibility of having a serious plot or romance in this anime (unless they make the same girl show up again later in the series or something), so if you were looking for that kind of stuff then this show isn’t probably for you. Actually, there wasn’t much comedy in this episode either, so all that’s left is… the manharem of anthropomorphized train stations lol. 😐 Watch this for the hot guys and nothing else.


…Kyon-kun, phone~

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