[otome game] Tsundere *S Otome


Mirai has recently updated their website with the official site for their new 18+ otome game project titled Tsundere *S Otome, which is getting released sometime next year. At the moment, only the character page is up so we don’t know much about this game other than the fact that the female protagonist might be some kind of tsuntsun gal. 😆

Mirai’s most recent game Sumire no Tsubomi was such a big disappointment (at least for me anyway), so that’s why I’m hoping this one will be somewhat closer to some of their previous titles.


[otome game] Riddle Garden Official Website Open!


New otome game company Caramelia has finally opened their official website along with the sub-page for their first 18+ otome game project Riddle Garden. The artist and scenario writer for this game have previously worked on most of SugarBeans‘ titles such as Ijiwaru My Master and Under the Moon (no wonder the main heroine looks so much like Asche). This game is scheduled to be released during 2010.